Attain Financial Freedom by Delving into Micro Private Equity

We are a motivated micro private equity firm that manages a diverse portfolio of digital assets in order to enable our clients to ascend to financial freedom. Join us to become the owner of a revenue generating business.  

Micro private equity provides a wonderful opportunity for prospective investors and business owners to capitalize on companies looking for exit alternatives. Our clients range from budding entrepreneurs to silent owners looking to make extra income. We help our clients to become involved in small, but profitable businesses and digital assets, allowing them to become active partners or passive owners. The best part is, you do not have to be affluent or rich to become involved. This is the most affordable investment scheme you will ever come across.    

At Zion Equity, you are our partners and your growth is our utmost priority.

Money Conduit

Small businesses have rarely ever had access to private-equity money. Therefore, they have limited capital available to them. This in turn acts as a barrier to entry and limits their growth. We effectively solve this problem by acting as the conduit that allows online ventures to tap into this sea of money, enabling them to grow and become even more profitable.

Money Minters

Tracking down digital assets that have an enormous potential requires a fair amount of sleuthing. It takes a noticeable amount of due diligence, investigation and calculation. However, this market is largely untapped. Therefore, the current market for digital assets is noticeably undervalued. Our vast experience, knowledge and expertise allows us to identify potential money minting websites and turn them into profitable businesses.

Money Conduit

Small businesses have rarely ever had access to private-equity money. Therefore, they have limited capital available to them. This in turn acts as a barrier to entry and limits their growth. We effectively solve this problem by acting as the conduit that allows online ventures to tap into this sea of money, enabling them to grow and become even more profitable.

Who We Are

We locate potential where normal private equity funds would never dream of looking. Our vast network of business listings allows us to indentify motivated sellers. This helps us in getting the best deal possible for our clients.

Furthermore, we also empower our clients to achieve every entrepreneur’s dream; to become part of and own a revenue generating business with enormous, profitable potential. By extension, we also help small business owners and owners of digital assets to grow their businesses by allowing them to tap into a money stream that was previously unavailable to them.

We understand, acknowledge and appreciate that this is a results oriented business. Therefore, we take great pride in providing positive results to new clients in a fairly short amount of time.

Let us begin the ascent together towards financial freedom by embarking on a journey of self-sufficiency, ownership, growth and regular passive income.

Our philosophy is simple; our growth is directly proportional to the growth of our client’s wealth. Therefore, our clients are more than just rudimentary customers. They are our partners. These are partnerships we take great pride in and do not take for granted. That is why we take painstaking measures to ensure that every risk we take on behalf of your clients is a calculated risk. Therefore, while it still remains a risk, it is minimized considerably by our due diligence and investigations.

We realize that there is noticeable competition in the market and therefore, we strive to set ourselves apart from the rest. The proof is in the pudding. And the pudding shall most certainly be a very profitable one.  

What We Do

We provide access to smaller companies which is a distinct advantage that large private equity funds do not possess. With smaller ventures, the ceiling for growth is much higher. In the modern-day economy, these smaller businesses provide the ideal growth potential that investors such as yourself are looking for. This, in turn, allows you to become part-owner of a successful business at a fraction of the cost.

In short, your savings can contribute towards business ownership and can result in regular passive revenue to supplement your income or to compliment your retirement plan/fund.

We offer prospects of a wonderful return on investment (ROI). Micro caps have repeatedly performed better and by extension, offered noticeably higher returns as compared to the broader equity market. This has been an observable trend since 2014. This is primarily due to the higher ceiling (mentioned above) offered by smaller ventures. The return on investment increases exponentially when a company with meager roots, grows tenfold, both in size and in terms of profitability.

Targeting smaller businesses also allows us to maintain a diverse portfolio. This means we can mitigate risks by spreading funds across different ventures instead of putting all our eggs in one basket. As a result, our client’s money is managed in a prudent manner and the risk of it being lost is minimized considerably.

Our Process

We harness our vast experience and network in the field to identify small, revenue-generating ventures that have the potential for increased profitability. After identifying such a venture, we carry out our due diligence in order to ensure that any and every investment we make is secure.

We then initiate negotiations for the purchase of the business. Alternatively, we also propose potential partnerships. Our team carries out said negotiations diligently in order to obtain the ideal deal for our clients.

Browse Opportunity

We introduce opportunities you are able to evaluate and pick the ones that are right for you.

It's all Online

Conduct research and your due diligence with a few clicks of your mouse. Build a portfolio of digital assets that otherwise you might never see.

Scale Up Your Income

As you build your portfolio of income-producing websites, snowball your income to scale up.

After investing or purchasing in the said venture, we assist in its management in order to inculcate a culture of growth and profitability. This, in turn, results in an expansion in your income and the strengthening of our partnership.

Zion Equity does not grow unless its customers grow. Therefore, our fates are intertwined. We personally would have it no other way. This is because it keeps us motivated, honest and focused both on our own future and our client’s future. 

What Our Clients Say

When I came to Eliott, I thought I wanted to buy an offline business so I could replace my income. Instead, Eliott recommended I build a portfolio of Internet businesses. I was able to quit my job and now travel the world. I’m glad I worked with Eliott because now I’m an investor instead of an owner tied to running a business everyday.


I had sold my exterminator business and was looking to get into another business. I wish I had worked with Eliott before I sold that business. After what I’ve learned, I definitely could have gotten myself a better deal. Eliott was able to help me build a portfolio of four different businesses that produce monthly income for me.


Eliott talked about is the kind of thing I’ve wanted to do for my whole life. I didn’t know how to articulate it, so I read Eliott’s book. I learned some things I haven’t learned anywhere else. I gained practical, real-world knowledge I could tap into. I now want to get in front of as many people as I can and be a deal maker.


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